Turn every client into 100’s of referrals without lifting a finger.

Mailer Boy

Get New Referrals for your small business

Turn 1 client into 100+ referrals. Send handwritten letters to all of the neighbors about the great work you've done. They'll come crawling.

Greg Genniver

"Being able to retarget homeowners with Facebook and Google ads provides value to businesses."
Greg G. - Real Estate Investor at Caen Properties

Ike Okparaeke

"It's so friggen simple, but the value is clear."
Ike Okparaeke - Founder & CEO at Mailer Boy

How It Works

1. Sign up in ten seconds

All you have to do is click the Get Started button and register an account. It’s that easy.

2. Send letters instantly

We take care of creating the letter content and we also handle the delivery of the letters.

3. Watch your bookings explode

Once the neighbors hear about the great work you did, they’ll be next in line.

Expand your outreach strategy

A simple and effective way to do outreach for your business

Find homeowners who prefer a referral

Unlock new opportunities for your small business. These homeowners are looking to support small businesses, and we've perfected the art of getting their attention.

That are warm and eager to be your client.

A handwritten note that looks authentic is one of the oldest methods of marketing. It is inviting and can strike an emotional cord in the older demographic of homeowners. Our letters have a 99% open rate and a response rate 30% greater than digital ads for a reason.

That may already be considering hiring a company

They're looking at their options and it's NOT looking good. Either they don't trust contractors, or they've had a bad experience with another service provider. And now they are considering doing the job DIY style. This is where you come in.

You can feed recipients with digital ads as well.

After a homeowner opens your letter and scans our QR code, they will start seeing your Facebook or Google ads as well. This gives you yet another chance to put your business in front of the homeowner. This will boost your conversions by 62%!

Save a ton of money and time

We spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours mailing your letters.

Handwritten one by one

Every single letter is written by a robot but every single letter will look written by a human.

100s of hours on research

We spend hundreds of hours every month to develop converting copy for you.

1000s of dollars on tech

We spend thousands of dollars every year to maintain our machines and consult with engineers.

Publicly available and verified

We check that our data points are publicly available and verify them one by one.

CCPA compliant

We are up to date with all the key privacy and data protection requirements of CCPA.

Up to date and accurate

We are constantly updating our data and ensuring that they are valid and correct.

Make your money back, forever

Just one new client can change your business - we give you thousands of opportunities

We do the mailing

For business owners eager to get clients in the door



Retarget homeowners with digital ads after they open your letters


Frequently asked questions

Simple. No!

We are a tiny, premium, direct mail marketing business and work with a very small number of customers.

And from those customers:
– Most of them serve different territories from all over the US.
– Most of our customers target different niches.
– Most of them are asking for custom marketing solutions.

All data points in our lists, including emails, are publicly available.

Our sources include national residence addresses, 3rd party people services, social media, building permits, and more.

We collect all the data by hand, then use the above sources to cross-check the information and use human intuition to conclude what we’ll add to our list.

What that means for you is two things:
– Every data point and address is verified.
– The data is publicly available, and not the result of some database hack, leak, or any other illegal activity.

We can disclose the source of a specific data point with you if needed.

It’s easy to launch a digital marketing campaign and call it a day.  It’s even easier to buy a cheap list with thousands of leads and start blasting cold emails.  But be prepared for terrible results.

Be prepared for missing information. Outdated information. Wrong information. Phone numbers that haven’t been registered in years. Angry responses from people who have already been spammed to death. Thousands of unqualified leads, that yield no results.

At Mailer Boy, we focus on quality over quantity. We provide genuine looking handwritten letters with a QR code that links them directly to your showcase of work.  Form their, they can book a quote or call you immediately for a booking.

And for the first time ever, you can retarget customers with digital advertising campaigns that are relevant to them.

We work with a small number of customers and we are proud of that.

For that reason, your feedback goes a very long way. We build these lists for you, not us, so we’ll go above and beyond to help you grow your company.

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